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Eduardo Molinari

Auf den Spuren der Mais-Männer (on the tracks of the corn-men)

January 5th 2008 - February 10th 2008

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Accompanying Events

January 9th 2008, 8 pm
Galerieclub: "Die Arbeit der Kunst" (the work of art),
a panel discussion between curator Volkmar Billig and the Argentinean artists Eduardo Molinari and Azul Blaseotto (and other guests)

January 18th 2008, 9 pm
live Band: 6 Australes (Buenos Aires / Berlin) playing Milonga & Candombe, Zamba & Chacarera, Bossa & Choro, Jazz & Blues.

February 10th 2008, 8 pm
Finissage with Argentinean shortfilms and experimental films from Eduardo Molinari, Azul Blaseotto, Julián D'angiolillo

Eduardo Molinari was born in 1961 in Buenos Aires. He studied the art of painting and graphics. Today he works as a lecturer at the National Academy of Art in Buenos Aires. Eduardo’s work includes paintings, graphics, installations, mural paintings, public performances and several theoretical publications. Since 2001 Eduardo’s artistic work revolves around his project of creating the „Archivo caminante“, the wandering archive. His archive is not only wandering in space, but it is also undergoing a transformation itself while wandering. The inventory of the „Archivo caminante“ contains sketches, photographs, documents, interviews, various kinds of text and other findings. It has been presented at various exhibitions in Argentina and abroad. On its path the archive is ever expanding.
Eduardo’s focus point consists on the one hand of Argentina’s history and identity, and on the other hand of the very mechanisms of time and space which make up the production of utopian ideas, but also collective memory in a historical, social and economical context. His installations, for example “ExArgentina” (2004) in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Eduardo includes heterogeneous material from the „Archivo caminante“, but also various material that comes out of on-site research. Eduardo’s strategy follows an intensive local research in the run-up to an exhibition, which includes a collection of on-site material, for example: images, photographs, texts, documents and various artefacts.
In his exhibition, Eduardo sums up his findings by transforming the space of a gallery into an almost mythological place filled with images and discourses which aim at achieving some kind of communication between the past and the present, but also between the individual and the collective memory.
The installation “Auf den Spuren der Mais-Männer” (on the tracks of the maize/corn-men) respectively presents a collage of fragments of memory of the once industrial region of Chemnitz, elements of indigenous South American myths, reflexions of political and economical questions, but also personal experiences which Eduardo has made in his past months living in Germany (especially in Chemnitz, Berlin and Bitterfeld). In this collage, the monumental bust of Karl Marx is able to talk to the Maize-God of pre-Columbian South America, mechanical devices of the local textile factories can correspond with the ancient textile Quipu, the mysterious writing system of the Inkas, and Chemnitz’ past and present are engaged in a lively dialogue with the inquiry of contemporary Argentinean artists and activists.
Moreover, the exhibition includes a book publication of Eduardo’s theoretical approach both in Spanish and German. Furthermore an experimental short film shows Eduardo dressed up as the Maize-Man (corn man) intervening in the public space of Chemnitz.

"KMK" - a shortfilm produced by Eduardo Molinari & Christian Döhler (February 2008)

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